Group Classes

Please bring a water bottle and wear comfortable clothing to all group classes πŸ’¦


Latin Fever is a one hour dance-based cardio class! You will learn classic dance steps for a variety of latin styles including (but not limited to 😊) salsa, reggaeton, cumbia, tango, merengue and soca. If you love Zumba, you will love Latin Fever. Bring your water bottle and towel and wear comfortable clothing and indoor shoes.


A perfect blend of fitness! This dynamic 60 minute class is designed to get you stronger and increase your range of motion. The first 30 minutes will focus on building strength using body weight and resistance band training, followed by 30 minutes of mobility and flexibility exercises. All ages welcome. No experience required. Get ready to lengthen and strengthen at the MOVE Studio.

YOGA NIDRA (starting in the New Year)

Yoga Nidra or β€˜yogic sleep’ is an effortless and deeply restorative meditation practice rooted in yogic philosophy. This fully guided meditation πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ is practiced laying down in complete comfort. Through breath, body awareness, and visualization, class members will have the opportunity to welcome a state of blissful relaxation and tap into the inner wisdom that already resides within.

To book a group class or see the timetable, click here.

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